Dams are far from glamourous – slurry lagoon


Location: Pembrokeshire
Sector: Agricultural
Client: Large dairy farm

Agricultural civil engineering on a significant scale can mean big sheds/barns, new roads but often means providing slurry storage.  In a recent project GOWN Engineers design the remediation of a large earth bunded lagoon which had leaked contaminating a local river.

The volume of this lagoon was some 20,000 cubic meters.  The leak was much smaller than the total but did mean the stability of the lagoon’s bund needed addressing.  GOWN designed a earthworks solution that minimised the work required to stabilise the bund, we also specified a cut-off and monitoring drainage such that the effectiveness of the works could be confirmed.

The reuse of on-site materials meant that the project was completed as sustainably as possible.

Slope stability, agricultural engineering, dams, slurry, earthworks, stability analysis, contamination, , seepage analysis.

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