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Ground/site investigation

We can arrange and undertake cable percussive boreholes, trial pits, insitu testing. The data can then be reported factually or interpreted for use in the

Planning permission

Assistance in producing planning applications can be provided. Including application completion, collation and drafting of drawings, local research to help with a smooth application.


Having identified the ground conditions at a site an appropriate foundations can be chosen (strip foundations, raft foundations, piles etc.). These can then be designed

Temporary works

Working platforms, pile mats, temporary slope stability and excavation support all fall under this category.


Soakaways designed to BRE 365 and to comply with the requirements of the building regulations, including the testing to inform the design.

Rafts and slabs

Designs and construction details for floors and slabs can be undertaken.

Pile design and analysis

Soil-structure interaction analysis can be undertaken to inform an efficient design. In difficult ground conditions this will prove considerably beneficial.

Retaining Wall

Where required we can help with the design of retaining walls of all types.


Open channel, foul drainage, surface water drainage, drainage connections and fall can all be designed and specified ready for construction.

Lintels and Beams

We can provided calculations and construction details for lintels over openings or beams and columns to support other loads. Such calculations might be needed for

Slope Stability

Both embankment and cutting slopes should be designed, once enough is know about the ground it is time to undertake a slope stability analysis.

CAD & Drawing

We can draft your project for planning or building regulation submissions or so that you can communicate your requirements to a builder.

Surveying (inc Topo)

Topographic or building surveys can be undertaken of your site, based on which the project can be designed.

Structural Sampling

Taking of samples (concrete cores and cubes) for off-site testing. Ferroscanning and Magnetic Particle Inspection undertaken and reported.

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